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Your quality provider is not superman!


It’s true.

Sometime’s we get clients that think we can fix all their manufacturing problems.

And it’s true we do a lot to identify and prevent - ensuring future problems are kept to a bare minimum.

But, quality service providers do not insert quality into your product.

In order to help you understand exactly what your quality service provider CAN do for you - and your manufacturing needs - I wrote this eBook to show you exactly what a quality service provider CAN’T do for you!

So, in this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The true definition of product inspection services - and what they ACTUALLY provide for your business. Don’t be fooled by other service providers fancy marketing language

  • The real way the quality inspection industry should operate.

  • Why some defective products slip through the cracks even AFTER inspection. HINT: it has nothing to do with your quality inspection provider.

  • Learn what makes a product defective

  • Know exactly WHO defines what quality means

  • Why inspection simply won’t work for some products

  • The “Good Manufacturing Practices” that factories should uphold - and how your supplier might be missing the mark!

  • The distinct roles of the quality inspector and the manufacturer - learn which one creates quality and which one ensures the value of your products

  • The money-saving necessity of quality at all stages of the supply chain.
It needed to be written… read it closely.

Once you know the source of your quality problems you’ll understand better how your quality service provider can help you prevent such problems in the future.

We may not be superman. We may not be able to put quality into your product.

But we can help you to prevent future problems and ensure a strong supply chain well into the future.

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