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When hiring manufacturers in developing countries, it is much more difficult to manage product quality.

If you don't have your own QC presence at the factory, you don't get to see the condition of your products until they've already been shipped to you.

Working with a third-party inspection company like ours helps you to get around this, so you can ensure the safety of consumers, minimize returns, and maintain your good brand image.

But when you're working with an inspection company, there are certain things you need to understand to really leverage the service and get the best results.

That's why we created this white paper. In it, you will learn:

Why you need a qualified third-party to conduct these inspections (#1)
• The different types of inspections that can be conducted (#2)
How the inspections are conducted, including:
- the checklists that are used (#3)
- the defects that are checked for (#4)
the statistical sampling methods used (#5)
- the role of your golden sample (#6)

• What information is in an inspection report and how to use it effectively (#7)

This white paper will help you get a better understanding of inspections, so that you can work more effectively with your QC service provider and avoid putting low quality products into the hands of consumers.

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