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As a consumer goods importer, the quality of your products is key to your success.

Good quality products will earn you favorable reviews and repeat purchases. They'll give end buyers a positive perception of your brand and help your bottom line.

Low quality products will do exactly the opposite.

Conducting third-party inspections helps you avoid putting low quality products into the hands of consumers. And any credible inspection company uses a statistical method called AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels) to conduct their inspections properly.

AQL determines the sample size for your inspection, and understanding it is important. Having a good grasp of this method allows you to work with your third-party inspectors more effectively. That's why I created this white paper.

In AQL Inspections 101, you'll learn the basics of the AQL method, so you can work in partnership with your quality services provider and get the results you're looking for.

In it, you will learn:

• How AQL inspections are conducted
• How sample sizes are determined
• How to ensure the right number of products is inspected
• The difference between general and special inspection levels
• How to determine which inspection level to use based on your budget, risk level and supplier relationship
• How to adjust your inspection levels with changing circumstances
• And more!

Creating good quality products requires you to be proactive.

By diving into this white paper and learning about AQL, you'll be putting yourself into position to produce great quality products and avoid disasters with your factory.

It's time to get the results you're looking for!

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