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There's a difference between capable and qualified.


Have you ever met those types of people that say “Yes” to anything you ask them?

Maybe your supplier does it… “Can you make my product this specific way that’s very difficult and requires special tooling and it’s a stretch if you actually know how to to make it like this?”


Or maybe you’ve talked to a sourcing agent… “Can you do quality inspections too?”


You probably have other examples in mind, but there is a term for this kind of person/business. I like to call them ‘yes-men’.

Because they always say “yes”.

Yes-men aren’t always qualified to do the job you asked, but they are often times capable of figuring out how to get the job done.


You should always avoid ‘yes-men’!

Here’s why... ‘yes-men’ will spend your time and money figuring out how to do the job - they weren’t qualified for - that you asked them to do.

Worst case scenario they come back to you confessing they couldn’t actually do the job - after they just wasted your valuable time and money!

Best case scenario they come back with the job completed - still having cost you the time and money for them to figure it out. But there is a strong likelihood in this scenario that the job wasn’t completed to the best possible outcome.

Your needs are unique.

So, it stands to reason you would search out and find a quality service provider that is qualified to meet your specific needs.

How do you identify your specific needs and find the service provider that can meet those needs?

You’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this FREE eBook.

On top of that you’ll learn:

  • Picking a service provider that will be able to grow with your business.

  • Hiring the right service provider to be sure your product is as good as quality as you advertise to your customers.

  • How to accommodate your service needs as your production quantity grows and quality standards rise

  • The key considerations for inspection before shipping - is your current provider doing any of these?

  • What you need to know to make an informed decision when choosing a quality inspection service provider

  • The considerations that lead to a quality supply chain

  • Integrating quality outside of just your product needs

  • The service providers that make the real difference and eliminate quality fade

  • How to maintain flexibility with your quality needs and adapt to an ever changing business environment


Many quality control companies provide on-site inspections.

However, when deciding which company you should work with consider which company will be able to meet ALL of your needs.  

Your products represent your brand. Whenever something is damaged or shipped incorrectly, it reflects poorly on your company.

Every company has different needs and in this guide we will show you exactly how to navigate your specific needs with a qualified third party service provider.

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