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Poor planning = Poor execution


You may not be doing the quality inspections yourself but if you don’t properly prepare your quality inspectors you could lose a lot of money.


Sure your inspectors can do their best work to ensure the inspection is done right based on their understanding of your product.

But, there is still a chance they could do the inspection wrong.

No one knows your product like you do as the brand owner and product creator.

So if you’re not properly informing your quality inspector of your unique specifications to consider during product inspection then things could be missed.

You know what this means?

Money down the drain.

To prevent this loss of money through recalls, rework, and poor inspection due to poor preparation I wrote this FREE eBook.

After reading this eBook you’ll walk away knowing:

  • The step-by-step instructions for preparing your product and inspectors for the inspection - knowing this will greatly decrease costly rework later on

  • Definitions of key terms that will help you accurately set-up your inspectors for the exact needs of the product

  • Know exactly what to look out for when inspecting product - don’t just rely on your inspectors, when you know what’s required you can follow up with the right questions

  • Understand the various types of quality tests that need to be performed depending on the type of product you are manufacturing

  • Be aware of the maximum defect limits per test

  • Know which documents to create and how to present them to your supplier and your quality service provider - always maintaining professional relationships

  • Fully grasp the complete timeline of events for each step of the inspection process

Being a quality services provider for 15+ years there have been too many cases of unmet expectations due to poor planning.

As a service to the quality field I’m providing this eBook for FREE.


To set you up as the brand owner to get the best quality inspection results.

Which leads to more savings in your bank account.

As you know a quality inspection is a smart way to secure your significant brand investment.

Now it’s time to make sure you do that inspection right!  

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