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After years and years in the quality field I keep seeing one mistake that importers, buyers, and brand owners alike continue to make.

Chances are, YOU’RE probably making this mistake too...

This one mistake is costing you thousands, tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars - depending on the size of your operation.

It’s a simple mistake… but a costly one. And your customers are leaving because they’re not receiving the value they’ve come to expect from you and your business.

What is this common and simple - but costly - mistake?

Not clearly understanding the relationship between price, value, and quality.

The good news is, once you understand this it’s simply a matter of reexamining your relationship with your supplier then repositioning your product to your customer. From there the path to skyrocketing ROI is clearly pathed.

In the “Price v. Quality” eBook I walk you through the methods that utilize quality to make a successful business machine.

After reading the eBook you will:

  1. Know exactly where to begin with quality to ensure your customers experience the least amount of issues

  2. Learn how to create the products that represent your brand well

  3. Understand how to measure quality - knowing this makes sure your product works the way it should!

  4. See the one chart that could make the difference in enforcing true quality with your factory and actually getting what you ordered - no more pointing fingers!

  5. Learn how to look at quality as a part of your overall product build

  6. Know how to interpret quality data for meaningful information during your product build

  7. The best way to execute and enforce quality to ensure the best product comes off the manufacturing line

  8. Know what you’re actually paying for when your supplier says “quality product” - never again get what you didn’t order!

  9. BONUS: Learn a well known psychological trick that plays into how people perceive YOUR products quality


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When you take the principles mentioned in the “Price v. Quality” eBook and shift the way you’re interacting with quality you’ll turn mere customers into promoters and repeat customers.  

The goal of this eBook is to help you understand if you REALLY “get what you pay for” when manufacturing your products. Or, are your suppliers just stringing you out on a quality dream?

When you understand the true meaning of quality and - how to properly enforce it - you will find your strategic goals SO much easier to achieve.

That’s why in this eBook I tie together all the principles of the price, value, quality relationship that help ensure you have the highest business reputation, maintaining long-term business success, and significant customer retention.

It’s all FREE!  

I’m giving away this valuable resource…


Because so many clients were making the same simple mistake… and HONESTLY it makes my life so much easier - when working with clients - when they understand this price, value, quality relationship.

Let’s get you back on the value train and that extra money you're leaving on the table back in your pockets.

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