Quality Control & Assurance Services for Hardlines

From furniture and building materials to promotional products and exercise equipment, Insight Quality Services has the expertise needed to offer product inspections, factory audits, and lab tests to customers importing a range of consumer hardlines.


Low-quality furniture can impact consumer perception of your brand and unsafe furniture can lead to legal liabilities. Insight conducts quality control inspections for both indoor and outdoor furniture. We also offer lab testing services to check adherence to performance, flammability, and other requirements.

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Building Materials

Flooring and other building materials need to be made to a high standard to ensure the safety and compliance of the buildings where they are used. We conduct inspections to verify workmanship and measurements. We also conduct on-site gloss level, locker pull, peel off, and any other tests relevant to the specific product.

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Homeware & Home Decor

Consumers expect the items that adorn their homes to be well-made and visually appealing. Insight conducts inspections on these items to ensure that your products meet the standards you set for them. From wall fixtures to vases and tabletop items, we offer inspection and lab testing services to help you ensure quality and safety.

Electrical and Electronics

Poorly-made electrical and electronic products can lead to serious consumer safety risks. When producing these products in low-cost countries, it is important to have products checked by an independent body to ensure quality, compliance, and safety. We offer inspections and lab testing services for these products.

Other Hardlines

Insight Quality Services also offers quality inspection and lab testing services for the following products:

  • Promotional Products
  • Seasonal Products (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
  • Juvenile Hardlines
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Arts & Crafts
  • And more

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