There is a lot to be said about the level of professionalism that we bring or the deep experience we have in US-based quality and sourcing…

… But at the end of the day, we really only sell one thing: peace of mind.

We know you care more than anyone else about your sales and reputation. As you’ve already experienced, the stress and volatile results that are part of business can take a big toll on you emotionally, even if you love what you do!

The point of our services package is to give you ultimate peace of mind about your overseas operations. Actions you perform in your home country are much more easily monitored and controlled, but it’s hard to ensure the proper functioning of anything thousands of miles away.

Each service area will fortify your business and be a filter for any mistakes that could haunt you later on.


The most essential class of services ensures that your products will be manufactured according to your specifications and won’t endanger your customers or your Amazon ratings.

We’ll help you focus on the right facets of the production process and give you a hand in supplier relations. Our experience in real-world business and our dedication to our clients means that we become your business partners in China.


This is step one of getting your products made in China. It is inevitable that there will be hassles and mistakes, but the amount of stress and time these cost you can be drastically reduced if you start out with the right factory. Let us help you find it!

Correction and Rework

There are times when an unacceptable number of products come out of the factory with major defects, and they need to be fixed in order to sell and avoid excessive losses. We can repair and rework product on site to make it acceptable for the intended use.

Lab Testing

Our partnership with local Chinese labs in Shenzhen, Hangzhou  and Yiwu, China, allow us to offer fast testing with reasonable charges. Testing services allow you to know for sure, without taking the factory’s word for it, which materials are being used in your products. Certainty on your materials is vital for international salability, reputational risk, and safety.

Factory Audits

It’s one thing to inspect the products at a factory, but what about the factory working conditions, capabilities, and capacity? Having those out of line will catch up to you later on. Work with Insight to make sure that you are using a supplier that will meet your expectations while remaining above the law.

Training & Consultation

Insight Quality is ready to share expertise with your team and suppliers to support your operations overseas. We offer:

  • C-TPAT validation
  • Safety training
  • Social accountability training
  • Quality training
  • Security training

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