Quality Control for Bags and Accessories

Third-Party Quality Services for Bags & Accessories

Bags and accessories are highly seasonal products, leading to tight production and shipping schedules. It is often a challenge to keep production running smoothly and maintain high levels of quality. If your company is outsourcing manufacturing, you likely need to take extra steps to manage the quality of your products.

Insight’s third-party quality control and assurance services can help ensure that your products meet specified requirements and comply with regulations. They also enable you to manage factory relationships more effectively. We assist many bag and accessory companies with:

Working with manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and other countries can be challenging when you are on the other side of the globe. We provide a reliable quality control team that serves as your eyes and ears at the factory to help you manage your supply chain.

Quality Control Inspections for Bags

To help ensure that each production run meets your brand’s quality standards, we can inspect your products on-site at the manufacturing facility. You can use our inspection service before, during, or after production to catch issues early and lessen their impact on your schedule. These inspections are customized to your needs and might include checks such as:

  • Material Check: To ensure the bag materials are the same as approved by the customer.
  • Seam Check: Check and rub/pull-on seaming/stitches quality and strength and verify cleanliness and straightness.
  • Stitching Check: To verify that threads are trimmed and zippers are properly inserted with no fraying at the ends.
  • Measurement Check: Ensure all dimensions match specifications and the approval sample.
  • Waterproof/Leakage Test: Fill a cooler with water and place bags onto the water’s surface.
  • Strap Tests: Put weight into the bag and hang it from a hook, lift it, and drop it onto the hook, then check fabric, connection, and stitching.
  • Needle Detector Test: Use needle detecting equipment to check for broken needles or other metal in the bag.
  • And other tests as appropriate for your company’s needs.

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Lab Testing Services for Bags & Accessories

Depending on the jurisdictions where you sell your products, you may require testing in an accredited lab. Testing can help ensure compliance with safety regulations, industry standards, or your product’s performance standards. Examples of lab tests include:

  • Phthalates Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • Piling Testing
  • Colorfastness Testing
  • CPSIA Testing
  • And more

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Factory Audits for Fashion Accessory Companies

Man in studio working with leather

To succeed in the fashion accessories industry, choosing the right suppliers and managing them effectively is essential. Our auditing services help you assess your manufacturers to ensure they can meet your standards for quality, capability, security, social responsibility, or environmental friendliness.

We send an experienced auditor to the manufacturing facility and conduct a thorough assessment customized to your needs. Your audit can be focused on one of the following:

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Inspections, Audits, and More From Insight Quality Services

Andy Church - Founder & CEO of Insight Quality Services

Andy Church, Founder & CEO

Insight Quality is a US-owned quality control and assurance company from the Dallas, Texas area. Consider Insight Quality to address your overseas operations if you are:

  • Experiencing quality issues from your existing factory
  • Having failed audits affecting your factory shippable status
  • Needing to quickly implement corrective action plans
  • Without suitable backup suppliers if there are outages or overwhelming order volumes

Reach out and we will be happy to discuss your international quality control needs.

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