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Third-Party Product Inspections in India

India is one of the world’s most populous nations with a large labor force and a growing economy. In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have started importing textiles, leather goods, furniture, and more from factories across the country.

When importing from India, implementing your own quality control measures is often essential. By hiring Insight to conduct third-party inspections, you’ll have eyes at the factory to assess the quality of workmanship so you can avoid receiving unacceptable shipments.

We work with you to develop an inspection checklist that covers areas such as packaging, visual inspection, functional testing, physical requirements, barcode verification, and special testing. You can conduct inspections either before, during, or after production.

Types of Product Inspection Services in India

We will send our QC professionals to your Indian factory to conduct product inspections at various stages of production.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (Most Popular)
    Conducted once the factory has finished production and packaged at least 80% of your goods. This inspection verifies that the lot meets your quality standards before it ships overseas.
  • During Production Inspection
    Conducted once the factory has produced at least 20% of your order. This helps to ensure a smooth production schedule by catching any quality issues early.
  • Pre-Production Inspection
    Conducted once the factory has received raw materials and is about to begin production. These inspections can help verify that raw materials match specifications or the factory is ready for production.

We also offer the following inspection services:

Factory Audits in India

Selecting the right supplier in India and managing the relationship can be challenging if you don’t have an on-the-ground presence. Quality issues and social compliance problems are more likely to occur if you don’t thoroughly assess your manufacturer.

Our factory audits give you a presence at the factory to conduct assessments before you place your first order or as part of ongoing relationship management. Our professional auditors will go to the manufacturing facility on your behalf to conduct an assessment tailored to your situation.

We work collaboratively with you to develop an audit checklist that covers areas such as their facilities, quality control system, incoming materials handling, packaging, communication, and more. All of our audits are tailored to your needs so you can ensure the most effective audit possible.

Types of India Factory Audits

You can hire us to conduct several types of audits, depending on your needs as a company.

  • Capability Audit
    Used to determine whether the supplier has the capabilities to make your product and the capacity to deliver your orders on time.
  • Quality Audit
    Assesses the manufacturer’s quality management system and QC department in accordance with ISO9001 standards.
  • Social Compliance Audit
    Helps ensure an ethical supply chain by verifying that working conditions comply with all labor laws.
  • Security Audit
    Assesses a supplier’s security practices to ensure compliance with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) C-TPAT program.
  • Environmental Audit
    Helps ensure an environmentally friendly supply chain by assessing the manufacturer’s environmental management practices.

Inspections, Audits, and More From Insight Quality Services

Andy Church - Founder & CEO of Insight Quality Services

Andy Church, Founder & CEO

Insight Quality is a US-owned quality control and assurance company from the Dallas, Texas area. Consider Insight Quality to address your overseas operations if you are:

  • Experiencing quality issues from your existing factory
  • Having failed audits affecting your factory shippable status
  • Needing to quickly implement corrective action plans
  • Without suitable backup suppliers if there are outages or overwhelming order volumes

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