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US-Based International & Domestic Sourcing

Is your business on the cusp of explosive growth, or maybe in the middle of it?

Are you currently using a Chinese factory that keeps having issues or can’t handle yor retailer’s increasing needs?

Either way, it may be time to choose a different factory. This endeavor and everything it entails is called, “Sourcing.”

One thing you can count on in the sourcing landscape is constant instability:

  • Economies grow or tank
  • Currencies fluctuate
  • Relations between countries improve or deteriorate
  • Prices of goods and materials rise and fall

This means that, at any given moment, there are hundreds of reasons why a partnership that was profitable yesterday may be detrimental tomorrow.

But that’s only a cursory look at the volatility in international sourcing. There are even more considerations to make at the factory level.

If you think it wise to have a reliable resource to aid you in this process, you’re not alone. Most companies have seen the reputational, financial, and peace-of-mind benefits from a, “measure twice, cut once” approach to factory selection.

If you are actively looking for a sourcing assistance, congratulations – that’s step one. We’d highly recommend that you download our clear, objective white paper, “What is a Sourcing Agent?” to educate your selection process. There are also additional resources for you at the bottom of this page.

There are a multitude of sourcing options available (thankfully not as many as there are factories!). The sourcing companies and agents you’ll find offer a level of service that’s as diverse as the quality their factories – good and bad. Some are fly-by-nights based out of a shoddy apartment in Mainland China, while others have years of experience helping multi-million-dollar customers.

Insight Quality is US-owned and based in the great state of Texas, with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, and Qingdao. What does that mean for you? Well, instead of having to work across time zones with a company that has immense cultural differences and speaks English as a second language, you get to have a responsive, US-based partner during normal business hours – plus real-time updates from our boots on the ground in China.

Once you’ve selected a factory, Insight will help you negotiate, vet, and establish the best partnership possible by leveraging our years of retail business experience. And we’ll take care of you beyond the sourcing piece too, if you want. Our capable inspections team will be working while you sleep to ensure that your product is manufactured properly at every step of the process.

The safety of your customers, the stability of your reputation, and the profitability of your business will live or die based on the quality of your factory and partnership. Don’t delay prioritizing such an important piece of your supply chain – schedule a call with us today!

There are resources below for those who would like to further educate themselves before reaching out to us. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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