What Do On-Site Inspections Entail?

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Product Inspections

What are on-site inspections and what do they entail? Here, we’ll discuss the purpose of in-store retail inspections and the key components that must not be overlooked. Let’s dive in!

On-site retail inspections are conducted in order to determine whether products are placed, displayed, and promoted as intended. In-store inspections are key opportunities to regularly evaluate the brand from the consumer’s perspective, right at the place where the buying decision is made. Meticulous planning, attention to detail, and timely evaluations have proven to positively impact the way a brand is perceived by consumers in-store.

So, what exactly should be routinely inspected and maintained in retail to help the companystay ahead of its competitors and maximize ROI? Here are the specific areas:


  1. Are the products on display up-to-date and damage free?
  2. Are they available for testing and demonstration?
  3. Does the display follow proper safety protocol?


  1. Does the layout of the display work? Are the shelves fully stocked?
  2. Is overcrowding an issue during the store’s busiest hours?
  3. Are complimentary products displayed together/nearby?

POS Material 

  1. Is there enough promotional material? Is it up-to-date?
  2. Do the branding elements deliver as required?
  3. Is the material displayed appropriately?

Window Display

  1. Does it encourage the consumer to step into the store?
  2. Does it enable the consumer to visualize the product in their home or office?
  3. Are the displays clean and free from dust?


  1. Does the POS system automatically update inventory?
  2. Are the shopping carts in good working condition?
  3. Are the entrances and exits unobstructed?

On-site retail inspections are great for maximizing operational effectiveness, eliminating waste and overspend, and delivering exactly what each store needs to meet its business goals.

Want to see the bigger picture? Find out what happens earlier on in the manufacturing process in our free guide to successfully preparing for a product inspection!

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Andy Church

Founder & CEO, Insight Quality Services


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