Product Quality Requires Proper Training

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Quality Assurance

The products you distribute for your company are a representation of your brand. These products bring back customers and turn them into promoters of your business. So, it’s necessary to have quality products. Quality is fundamental in creating a successful business.

Before placing an order with your overseas suppliers, does your company review the buy with your quality needs in mind? Is quality incorporated into the management policies of your company? Here, we’ll discuss why product quality requires proper training.

It’s important to note that quality starts with the buy, before the order is placed. A quality buy is something the buyer should be trained on, since it is so crucial. Company purchase requirements should emphasize the importance of quality with a streamlined training process in place so that buyers are all educated and on the same page.

Furthermore, the entire supply chain should understand what Quality means so that the process as a whole is working with the same goal in mind. Each step of the manufacturing process should highlight quality in a different way; yet, each position should require training in order to ensure that the end result is a quality product delivered to the customer. It is necessary that everyone involved in the manufacturing process understands the customers’ quality requirements.

Worker training has also been shown to improve the productivity and the quality of goods produced. A 1991 study of formal training programs in 180 manufacturing firms in the United States, conducted by the United States Department of Labor, indicated that industries that introduced a formal training program after 1983 experienced at least a 17% increase in productivity in 3 years than industries that did not introduce a training program.

It’s been proven that training factory workers improves product quality, so of course this should be adhered to throughout the supply chain. Your company’s reputation is essentially founded on quality, so you need to do everything at your disposal to make sure it’s carried out in your business.

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Andy Church

Founder & CEO, Insight Quality Services


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