What is a DUPRO Inspection, and Why Would You Need to Conduct One?

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Product Inspections

Are you conducting inspections to catch defects in your goods before the factory loads them into a container and ships them overseas? As a third-party QC service provider, we conduct many of these Pre-Shipment Inspections for our clients. However, did you know you can conduct inspections earlier in the production process?

A DUPRO Inspection (During Production Inspection) is conducted once at least 20% of the goods in an order have been completed. This is in contrast to a Pre-Shipment Inspection, which occurs after 100% of the products are finished.

So, why would you inspect so early in the production process? If you’re ordering large quantities, working with new manufacturers, on a tight timeline, or need better insight into production, these inspections can be beneficial. Let’s discuss the main reasons for conducting them.

DUPRO Inspections Happen Early in the Production Process — Why?

As we’ve mentioned, you can conduct a DUPRO Inspection once the factory has produced 20% of your goods. So, why would you send someone to check your products if they’re not even finished yet?

The main reason is that doing so allows you to catch problems early in the production process. That way, if there is a quality issue, you can deal with it promptly and not end up with an order full of defective goods that need to be reworked or remade. Here are some key factors that might contribute to the decision to conduct DUPRO inspections.

1) You’re Producing Large Quantities in Continuous Production

Inspecting at the end of production is probably fine if you’ve ordered 100 pieces of a simple private-label product. However, if you’re ordering large quantities regularly, it can make more sense to inspect early in the production process. This way, you can ensure that things go smoothly and that your timelines are not as impacted if an issue crops up.

2) You’re Working With a Manufacturer for the First Time

You may have a mature product and be adding new suppliers for expansion or diversification. If so, inspecting early in the production process can make sense to ensure that the new supplier will meet your usual standards. Since the process is not mature, it’s more likely that there will be issues with your goods, and you will need to discover those issues so you can deal with them.

3) You Cannot Afford Delays

If you wait until 100% of your products are completed and you find excessive defects, you need to work with the manufacturer to rectify the situation. Reworking or remaking items takes time. If you’ve only produced 20% of your goods and discover an issue, you can halt production immediately. Once you’ve worked out a solution, you can restart production with time and resources saved.

4) You Need Detailed Production Reports

Going into the factory after production is finished gives you limited insight into the manufacturing process. However, when your inspector arrives in the middle of it, they can gain insight into where things might be going wrong. Inspecting earlier allows you to check production status, processes, schedules, capacity, and materials.

5) You Need to Ensure the Manufacturer is Still Following Requirements

Perhaps you’ve been working with a supplier for some time, but recently, you’ve noticed a dip in quality. Inspecting earlier in production lets you get better insight into the process and determine whether workers are still following the requirements that you’ve agreed upon. If not, you can raise any issues and work with the vendor to ensure they bring their standard back up to the right level.

Thinking About Conducting DUPRO Inspections?

Auditor checking products

As we’ve discussed, During Production (DUPRO) Inspections allow you to catch production issues early and ensure that goods meet your quality standards. They help you reduce the risk of delays in your timeline and give you additional insight into the production process.

At Insight Quality, we’ve helped many companies conduct DUPRO inspections as part of their quality control plan. If you want to ensure product quality and maintain a positive brand image and think these inspections may be right for you, contact us today to learn more about our services. We can help you determine if this is the best solution for your needs.

Guide to Successfully Preparing for a Product Inspection
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