What is a DUPRO Inspection, and Why Would You Need One?

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Product Inspections

A common misstep is to assume that the initial quality standard will automatically be upheld. Theoretically, it should: A client pays for a specific product, produced at an agreed upon rate, to an agreed upon standard, at an agreed upon price. As in so many things, however, the reality is a bit more complex. For this reason, we highly suggest During Production Inspections (DUPROs).

Continuing to inspect products during production of a supplier after a business relationship begins is a means of ensuring consistent quality in products. Oftentimes, a final inspection can occur too late in the process to make any changes to problems that have been identified. In some cases, the product simply cannot be fixed. In some cases, the supplier may be unwilling to fix an issue, and you may not have the time for the entire shipment to be reproduced. There may be a misunderstanding about any number of expectations for the product.  A number of different issues can cause these results (and they are more common than you may think).

First, it is possible that a supplier will simply cut corners to enhance their profits. The best way to avoid this issue is to have a strong and ongoing relationship with the supplier. One way to ensure strong relationships with suppliers is to hire a sourcing agency to oversee and manage production. It is important to note that suppliers often work in competitive and saturated markets, and they have thin profit margins. There is ample motivation to cut corners, so having a sourcing or inspection agency conduct inspections during manufacturing is a good way to keep everyone honest.

Another issue that may crop up with the quality of a product during production is a failure of internal Quality Control (QC) of the supplier. Internal QC is an aspect of the operation that should be carefully considered when selecting a supplier, but the reality is that issues do occur. Having an inspection that occurs towards the beginning of the manufacturing process ensures that more careful attention will be paid towards the end.

Finally, a sensitive process may be being performed improperly. If a manufacturer needs to be taught to perform a specific process, or is asked to deviate from their standard way of doing things, it is important that somebody check to make sure that the results are as expected. It is entirely possible that the people performing the process are missing an important piece of knowledge, or that the people responsible for QC are not familiar enough with the process to evaluate it properly. It is also possible that there is an unforeseen issue with the product that the supplier has no control over. Any of these issues can ultimately lead to disaster.

Though careful planning and informed decisions tend to lead to positive results, the fact of the matter is that mistakes can be made. When those mistakes are made with your investment, there are serious consequences. DUPROs can identify those mistakes, and Insight can work with you to correct the issue.

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Andy Church

Founder & CEO, Insight Quality Services


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