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Sourcing your product is not just doing a search on Alibaba and signing an agreement with the cheapest supplier you can find.

You probably already knew that.

What I find a lot of people don’t know is the sourcing process actually begins long before the search for a supplier actually takes place.

AND, the process doesn’t end until the product is in your customer’s hand.

There’s all these little - and some major - steps in the middle that often get forgotten.

So, in order to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into when you go to source your product I wrote this FREE eBook.

Here’s a list of the takeaways you can expect after reading this Step-by-Step Guide:

  • The exact practices that leads to successful sourcing

  • Understand how all the pieces of the supply chain fit together to ensure a quality product is delivered to your customer

  • How to use a sourcing agent to maximize your bottom line - and greatly reduce your stress

  • Key advantages and disadvantages to sourcing domestically

  • Key advantages and disadvantages to sourcing internationally

  • The essential first step in the sourcing process - knowing this will greatly increase your product’s quality well into the future

  • A step-by-step analysis of the entire sourcing process from finding suppliers to shipping products to customers

  • Knowing how to use each step in the sourcing process to make smart management decisions

The whole purpose of writing an eBook like this is to help you make better business decisions.

Equipped with this knowledge you can make money-saving decisions about your business.

This eBook is completely FREE because once you know how the process works and you know what it takes to wisely source a financially sound product then you can bring on the right service providers to help you along the way.

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