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Top brands are using sourcing agents to streamline their manufacturing processes, keep their costs low, and deliver quality products to their customers - in less time.

But an important thing to note here - these brands are not just hiring any ole sourcing agent.

They know exactly what to look for!

It’s because they know how sourcing agents work that they can utilize this invaluable service to their benefit.

And maximize their profits significantly!

The same goes for you. You have to know HOW sourcing agents work in order to get the most benefit out of their services.

This probably goes without saying, but - as with anything in life - there are good sourcing agents and their are bad sourcing agents.

So, what makes the difference? How do you distinguish between good and bad?

My name is Andy Church, and over the last 15+ years I’ve been in the quality and sourcing services field. Working diligently with clients, just like you, to maximize their profits.

In this FREE eBook I’ll show you exactly how to distinguish between good and bad sourcing agents and HOW these top brands are using sourcing agents to cut costs and scale smart.

But that’s not all!

Here’s the full list of valuable topics you will learn in this FREE eBook:

  • Learn “what is a sourcing agent?”; the definition might surprise you compared to what you might be thinking

  • Learn why this role is important

  • “What makes a good sourcing agent?”; not all sourcing agents were created equal.

  • “What’s the difference between a sourcing agent and a quality control provider?” - they’re not the same but serve two crucial roles in the supply chain. This might be the question I get asked the most!

  • The various ways that sourcing agents get paid - knowing this could save you from being cheated out of money

  • The skills required for a good sourcing agent

  • How to find a sourcing agent - sourcing a sourcing agent can be tricky if you don’t know where to look

  • The ways sourcing agents make working with other countries easier

  • The two different types of sourcing agents and how to differentiate

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages to both domestic and in-country sourcing agents - be informed before contracting the wrong agent

  • Ways to avoid compromising the objectivity of your sourcing agent - make sure your sourcing agent is working for YOU and not your supplier!



Once you’re equipped with the proper perspective on how to use the skills of a good sourcing agent you’ll find your potential to maximize your profits will become limitless.

With this eBook you won’t just learn how to be proactive in picking good sourcing agents to maximize profits but also learn the tricks to avoid shady sourcing agents masquerading as good sourcing agents.

These shady sourcing agents are almost always out to make a quick buck off of you before you figure out what they’re up to.

Don’t fall for it.

I’ll show you exactly how to identify the sourcing agents you want to be working with.

Below you can click on the big “Free Instant Access” button and get your FREE “What is a Sourcing Agent?” eBook.

I’m giving it away for free because so many people have asked me this question. And once you know the truth then it makes our future conversations much easier.

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